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I.A.I.A Virtual residency/ week one

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This is a daily blog about my 1st residency, virtually during Covid-19 pandemic .

Day 1) 09/07/2020-today went well, I was able to begin work on the gas mask for Tech Traditions. I am envisioning a future, 7 generations from now, one in which we didnt heed the warnings of climate change, what does this future look like, this enviosing will have a piece evolve that represents what i am envisioning.

Day 2-3) (09/8-9/20) set up at Haskell Library, started work on 6 paper parfleche, and two masks/assemblage( not sure where that is going to go but i cut up an 8 band trade wool, so i better make it work!)

Ill be working from home, part home part at Haskell studio.

Day 4)(09/10/20) its been a challenge to juggle the kids virtual schooling and making time to create but i think ive settled into a work flow that satisfies both home duties and art, Im working between 2 spaces, at home ive set up a project I can work on throughout the day, and then I have to space at Haskell to stretch out and spread my materials around. what good is i can work on the things at Haskell and get some space between the different projects. that way when i come back to each of the pieces having worked on each in their respective areas I have a fresh set of eyes to see where i need to make adjustments. At home the spaces that are available are set for different needs, during the day Mavycka uses my space for school and i use it for art later. so the functionality of lived spaces changes by the hour.

Day 5) 9-11-20 Fri-beaded the air intakes on the gasmask, Ive come up with a recipe of beeswax, copal, kings blend, Benzoin resins and neroli oil. I feel like using the combinations of resins as apart of the solution has imbued a sacredness to the mask, as I strive for in life, I want the process to become more intuitive and let my ego step aside. like listening to the ancestors. I spent the afternoon at Haskell, started the 1st Neuvelle Parfleche, the beginning of a projects have growing pains as i become familiar with the materials. once I realized a few things i was able to bring some better consistency to the images. Ive always been fascinated with Parfleches, the craftsmanship and innovation that went into creating each piece. I am also interested in the utilitarian beauty and artistic expression of parfleche. I have wanted to incorporate parfleche concepts into my practice but wanted to also follow in the footsteps of innovation my ancestors were adept at.

Day 6)9-12-20 Sat- Made more progress on Neovelle Parfleche, streamlined the process, Ive manages to make 2 a day, its still been fun working with really nice paper again, BFK Reves and naturally colored papers, much like the natural pigment women used on parfleches. Initially i wanted to use actual rawhide, sacrifices must be made in the interest of time and funds. here is a look into the process, also today I found a book on parfleche in the room im working on in the library, I must say I was elated! I share most everything on IG but am saving the fun stuff for here.

Day 7) 09-13-2020, week one in the books, will start another page for week two

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