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I.A.I.A Virtual residency/ week two

09/13-18/2020 the beginning of week two I had started painting on a project that I was invited to participate on 2 weeks ago, I conjunction with Alicia B. Wormsely fellowship project surrounding the statement " There are Black people in the future" 10 Kansas CIty artists were invited to participate and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I wanted to create a piece that centered in the message yet acknowledges the Osage homelands. I consulted my father in law, Larry Sellars, about the Osage words i could use. Larry translated the phrase for me to use, and I got to work. I spent the week at home painting in my "studio" ( which is just our converted dining room) working from home is challenging. Especially since my 3 children are virtually learning. I normally use the time my kids are in school to make art but these are unprecedented times. they are 3 are home school and juggling the technical difficulties, duties of a stay at home mother and creating art can be challenging. My son especially has been a challenge because he doesnt stay on task like his sisters. In between him not working and my work usually causes me to work from 8 am to 8pm or later. working at home it is difficult to create a space that separates home life from work life. I am usually going back and for between the two.

09/17/20 I revealed the piece I painted on IG and was met with a slight criticism . I ended up buffing out the initial word and replacing it. which added an extra day to my process. however the under painting is where i felt a break through when it comes to aesthetics. I feel I have been dancing around some design ideas forever and this project seemed to bring it into focus. I feel that visually i have a jumping board in which i can create from tirelessly.

09/19-20/20 Ive managed to make it back to the library, I've packed up most of what i had initially laid out thinking i would have all the time in the world to create. hahaha. jokes on me. its been a struggle to balance home life and creating time. having to work under these constraints has really brought into focus what i need my efforts to be. being a stay at home mother and artist really has a way of condensing what are my priorities.

09/20/20 I am getting back to making these Nouvella parflech and have found more inspirations in creating them. Ill contunie to work toward creating a series. finish them up soon and move onto the big project which is the gas mask and warshirt.

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